7 Types of Cloth Diaperers

Before I made the move to cloth diapers, I assumed there was only one type of person that cloth diapered. I basically thought they all lived in shacks in the forest, raised animals, grow their own food, and were generally way less lazy than I was.

Well, I was very wrong.  I have discovered there are MANY types of cloth diaperers, and I am going to outline several of them here for you today.

The Frugal Mama

This type of mama will create a minimal stash of prefolds and covers.  For her cloth diapering has no bigger value than saving hundreds of $$Dollars$$ a year.  She is the cloth diaperer many of us initially thought we would be when we made the decision to try out cloth ourselves.  These are the women we are talking about when we sway our husbands into believing that cloth diapering will save us money!

The Mainstream Mama

The Mainstream Mama will do all her research before making the choice to cloth.  She will select one brand of cloth diapers and buy a whole set.  She may enjoy cloth diapering, she still saving money, and is still passing for a relatively sane person.

The Dark-side Mama

So, there are some mainstream diaper brands that create an exclusivity to their brand.  Some of their prints or colors become HTF (Hard to Find) or HSA (Highly saught after).  This creates a collectors mentality.  All of a sudden if you like them, you want ALL of them.  You must have every version of that diaper ever made so your stash is complete and so other mamas who see your stash will be jealous!

The Bat-Shit-Crazy Mama

This type of mama is even crazier than the dark-side mama. She has been sucked into the world of WAHM (Work at home Mom) diapers.  All of a sudden her calender revolves around diaper stockings, which leads to diaper stalking.  She watches auctions and usually will pay more than any sane person would ever consider appropriate for ONE single cloth diaper… BUT they are so adorable.  This type of mama usually owns babylegs so she can show off her baby’s bum more often than not.

The Hog Mama

The Hog Mama is a little bit of everything. Her stash is actually about 5 stashes because she can’t decide which ones she likes best, but having one or two in each brand doesn’t make sense.  The Hog Mama has the potential to be the most dangerous because she may lose all grips on reality and end up having her stash worth enough to get a divorce over.

The Earthy Mama

These Mamas tend to choose fitted diapers or prefolds and cover them with beautiful wool.  Soakers, shorties, longies and skirties, and these bottom pieces probably cost more than their own clothing. They know that their diapers take the least amount of time to decompose and are made with all-natural fibers.

The Super-Crunch Mama

This Mama is the ultimate in ecological cloth diapering.  She may even make her own diapers.  She is what I envisioned when I originally heard about cloth diapering myself.  She may even hand-wash her diapers, make her own cloth diaper detergent, and hangs them all to dry.


Which one are you?


3 responses to “7 Types of Cloth Diaperers

  1. Haha! @ “…when we sway our husbands into believing that cloth diapering will save us money!” So true. I definitely have the tendancy to get carried away. My hubby says I deal in diapers like some people buy, sell and trade hockey cards!

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