2013… Year of KindaCrunchy

It was one year ago that I first purchased a lot of random used cloth diapers and decided to jump in.

Who would have thought that that one decision would lead me on a whole new journey.   That one decision led me on a path that changed me as a mother, wife and friend.

It was a very slippery slope. First my random lot, followed by a few prefolds and some cheap pockets.  Then I found the swap pages on Facebook and decided to try all the diapers.   In February I tried my first WAHM made fitted diaper and went to the dark side of cloth.  Stalking diapers on hyena cart and trading HTF prints.

Then of course I decided I would like to take my love of cloth to a whole new level and open my own cloth diaper store (online).  I haven’t been able to do as much as I wanted to with it yet, but I hope to grow it in the near future!

It wasn’t until August when I found the babywearing world that I was able to , slow my cloth diaper addiction down.  Babywearing, especially with 3 kids, has been a life saver. It has also introduced me to an amazing group of new friends.

What’s to come this year?  Well I’m starting off by focusing on my health here, and then attempting to balance it all a little better.


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