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Birth (Third of Three) First Homebirth

Surprise surprise!! After almost 7 years of begging and pleading with my husband he agreed that we could have a baby in the future. Low and behold, 2 weeks later I got a positive pregnancy test.

Three to four months into my pregnancy I made the decision to switch to cloth diapering. Through talking to ladies in the cloth diapering community I ended up being more educated in home-birth. I started following a few pages that advocated for home birth and it really opened up my eyes.

By the 6 month mark, I decided I wanted to have a home-birth myself, and spent some time warming my husband up to the idea of it. Eventually he got on board and decided to support me to have what ever type of birth I wanted.

We started to prepare for a home water birth. I was fairly confident going in that I would be successful due to my experience with my 2nd birth. I did have a few moments of doubt though. The thought of being trapped at home with no immediate pain relief was both scary and motivating.

At 37w I started all my typical labor induction methods and pretty much gave up by 39w. At 39w 2d I woke up and then my water broke. I had actually JUST gone on one of my Facebook pages to rant about how my husband could sleep in as my water broke, so one of the first things I said to him, after I said “Um, did my water just break”, was “Guess you don’t get to sleep in today, huh?”.

Throughout the day I walked, baked banana bread, walked some more, drank a special labor tea that my midwife gave me, and walked some more. My best friend came over as well to hang out with me during my labor. She traveled over 17 hours and came several weeks earlier than she had planned to make sure she would be with me for this birth.

Finally around 6pm things started to get regular. This meant contractions every 2-3min. My midwife came over to check me at 6:30 and decided I was now in active labor. A few contractions later we decided I should get into the tub, and one or two contractions after that my photographer showed up.

I felt so strong through this labor. As the contractions came I could feel my body tense up, so I would just close my eyes, breathe and concentrate on relaxing my body. It seemed to work and make the pain manageable. That was until a monster back-to-back set of contractions. I made no noise, but tears sprang to my eyes afterwards. Not necessarily from the pain, but from the reality that this was happening. I worried about if I was in THIS much pain now, how much worse would it get?

Then I felt the need to change position, so I went from sitting in the pool, to kneeling in the pool and leaning over the edge. About two contractions later I started to feel “pushy”. My midwife checked me (it was 8:08pm) and said I was only 6cm. She also called her 2nd attendant to start making her way over. One part of me was very scared that I was only a 6 and in this much pain. Then I started to feel nauseated.

My husband brought me a movie popcorn bucket in case I needed it and rubbed my back. I was prepared from a long haul. The next contraction though, I WAS pushing and I couldn’t control it. My midwife decided to check me again and ended up breaking my second bag of waters. Immediately she started asking for towels and a time on the clock. We knew it was a matter of minutes before my baby made her arrival so we called my four year old son into the room. He had been looking forward to watching the birth for weeks and was very excited that it was finally time!

A couple more pushes and out shot my 2nd daughter into the water below me. It was 8:14pm only 8 minutes since I was 6cm.

I was able to grab her myself to lift her up out of the water. She reached up to me instinctively, and I was able to bring her right up onto my chest while we dried her off and snuggled as she took her first breaths.

Everyone was overjoyed. I called my Mom, who was standing at the door, into the room while my baby was getting checked out. My midwifes assistant arrived a few minutes later. After I delivered the placenta, my Dad, sister and daughter were also invited into the room.

When they weighed her and told me she was 7lbs 5oz I was in shock! My son had been 9lb12oz, and my first daughter was 8lb9oz. I never imagined I would have such a tiny baby!!

It was my ultimate birth experience and I felt like I was on top of the world. I couldn’t be more thankful to my support team for helping me achieve this.



Birth (Second of Three)

June 24th 2010 I found out I was pregnant with my second child. During this pregnancy I was extremely sick for the first 4 months. I had started out at my heaviest weight ever and ended the pregnancy at the same weight.

For some reason I really wanted a girl this time. The want was so strong that I cried almost every day for a week prior to our gender scan. I can’t explain why the want was so strong, but it was real. When I went to our gender scan, and a little baby vagina appeared on screen, I lost it and sobbed for joy.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I started my typical labor induction routine. After a week of it, I gave up for the most part. At 38w5d I ate some labor cookies that I had made. They are actually quite delicious if you don’t mind a bit of spice.

During this time my husband was working about 6 hours out of town, and was ready to come home whenever I went into real labor.

The next morning I woke up to my show. Nothing else happened that day. Sunday morning I had contractions again for a few hours and then they petered out. Finally Monday morning contractions got regular and I felt confident that this was the beginning of “real” labor.  Around noon I went to get checked at my midwife’s office.  My own midwife wasn’t due to return from her vacation for a few more days so I saw a student who was being overseen by another midwife in the practice.

I was told that I was 4cm and not really in active labor. She told me I could walk around days like this, so I would just have to wait and see. I went home to relax and see what would happen. I was trying to figure out when my husband should come home. We decided that regardless he should start making his way home.  I spent the afternoon with netflix laboring through contractions until around 5pm when I decided the tub would be more comfortable. I called my mother to come over to help with my son so I could concentrate on labor. She came over and sat with me through contractions and kept the little dude occupied. Around 6pm I noticed they were getting more and more uncomfortable so I called my midwife student again to tell her what was going on.  I wasn’t making a lot of noise so she told me to get out of the tub, relax for an hour, have something to eat and call her back.

As I got out of the tub, the pain became more and more intense. My sister and my brother-in-law both showed up to help with my son so my mother could accompany me to the hospital. I tried to eat something but just couldn’t do it.  I called her again and she finally agreed to meet me at the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital (at 7:45pm), the midwife ran into us in the parking lot. She had seen the chair my Mom had wheeled out for me and was encouraging me to walk.  I was in so much pain that walking ANYWHERE was out of the question for me.

After I was wheeled upstairs, the student checked me and was quite surprised to find out I was already 8cm. I was so ecstatic about reaching 8cm without any pain management I shouted “I’m in transition!! I can DO this!”.  I  At this point my husband was just getting on the ferry and about 4+ hours away as it was also snowing out.

A few minutes later they decided to break my water and I immediately was feeling the urge to push.  I had never felt anything so intense before.  I knew I was getting close to the end. As intense as the contractions were, the breaks between them were like little moments of heaven.   I had called my husband and my best friend Sarah to let them know how far along I was and that I was starting to push soon.

As I started pushing, I started to worry what kind of tearing I would experience this time.  3rd degree tears with my son were aweful and this time I didn’t have any pain medication.  In the heat of the moment I decided to just push the baby out and worry about the damage after.

A few pushes later, at 8:36pm they placed my daughter on my chest.  I sobbed like a baby myself. Then I was elated.  I couldn’t believe I had just pushed a baby out of my vagina with no interventions what-so-ever!  I called my husband and cried telling him that she was hear, and then cried again realizing that he was not yet.  After that his phone died and I would just have to wait until he arrived,

Then I remembered…  I asked my midwife “Ok, give it to me straight… What’s the damage down there?”.  I was fearing the worst.  She examined me and said that she thought I could probably use ONE stitch.  I lost it!  I couldn’t believe that not only had I done it med-free, I had given birth and only required ONE stitch.  I started saying “I feel like freakin SUPERwoman!”.  I probably repeated that phrase a dozen times, and then a dozen more when I was able to use the washroom unassisted.

By 10pm everyone had pretty much cleared out of the hospital room, and it was just me and my little girl waiting for my husband to arrive,  It felt like he was taking so long that I started to call hospitals and police services for the communities on the way home to make sure he hadn’t been in an accident.  AT 1:30am he arrived just as I was being patched through to an RCMP detachment.  Turns out he was just driving slower to stay safe because of all the snow falling.

Immediately that night I knew I wanted to do that again, but my husband had only agreed to two children.  I would have some work to do if I wanted to have another one!

Who knew?

January 2013

I’m 4 months pregnant with my 3rd child. Cruising Facebook buy/sell/trade pages. I come across a lot of cloth diapers for what seems like a really good price. There was a bunch of different kinds all together. I didn’t know what they were but they spoke to me.

I had always thought that cloth diapering wasn’t for me:

  • All that laundry!!!
  • Ewwww, who wants to deal with POOP!
  • What if I spend all that money to find out they don’t WORK for me
  • Cloth diapers are for hippies (No offense to hippies, I actually have a lot more in common with them than I thought)

For some reason, right then and there I decided I was going to try to cloth diaper.

Once I picked up the diapers, I went right to work figuring out which kinds were there, how to wash them all, and which ones worked best for different things. I messaged one on my friends who I knew cloth diapered, and asked her to tell me where she got hers… She introduced me to several BST pages (Buy/sell/trade) and my life has not been the same since.

I have discovered a love for cloth diapering that I never thought was possible! I have since destashed and restashed my entire collection multiple times in effort to try everything!

Apparently I love doing my cloth diaper laundry, and it really isn’t all that bad.  I had to deal with poop just as much than I did with disposables. (Did you know that you’re supposed to dump the poop from disposables into the toilet as well? Because I didn’t).  Having a variety to try reduces the amount of “wasted” money.  I put it in quotes because I don’t find I actually waste the money.  One thing I did not know before was that you can actually SELL your diapers when you are finished with them!  Even if cloth diapers are for hippies, they can also be for pretty much anyone. There are so many different kinds out there to suit any need.  Last but not least, CLOTH DIAPERS ARE SO CUTE!

Who would not want these beauties on their babies bums?